OCOM CEO Mike Kimzey had some underutilized rooms which he wanted to deploy for new patient services. With an estimated 25 percent of surgery centers and hospitals implementing pre-surgical protocols for sleep apnea, he saw the opportunity to open a sleep lab at his facility. Kimzey's research showed his facility could support five beds, but he wanted to scale to that number over a 12 month period.



Somnium Sleep Solutions presented a plan in which OCOM would own the center and pay a fixed fee to Somnium for comprehensive sleep services which included implementation of the center, equipment, technicians, study readings, referral marketing, property/liability insurance, etc. OCOM started with 2 beds, and added more as volume increased. At the end of the first six months, OCOM had 3 sleep center beds serving nearly 50 patients each month. Responsibilities for the hospital were limited to providing the space, adding sleep diagnostic services to insurance contracts, and billing.


Year One Results: Somnium completed over 500 sleep studies with plans to continue expansion to 5 beds.


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